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Welcome to my first post and thank you for stopping by! I debated what my first post should be, and as I’m sitting here contemplating, it’s also my favorite time of day, time for my afternoon latte! (This is also when I hope and pray my toddler and baby are napping).

So let’s talk about the coffee station!

The coffee station was first situated on the very precious counter space in my kitchen. I ended up moving it to the buffet cabinet to free up the counters. Originally the buffet was only used during parties when we needed an extra space to serve drinks etc – so not very often.



Now that the coffee station has it’s own dedicated space, we find it a lot more functional. (By we I mean my husband, I don’t even know how to use the espresso machine)!

Speaking of the espresso machine, my husband chose the De’Longhi machine. He wanted something that came with a milk frother, was good quality, blah, blah, but all I cared about was that it looked good (love the streamlined design, great for saving space)! We are pretty happy with it, and I’m enjoying the lattes.

The details are what makes this space, and what gets me excited. We finished off the coffee station with some really great finds from Crate and Barrel. The marble slab saves the wood on the buffet from any spills, and works as a coffee prep area. Personally, I find it brightens the area and is just so pretty. The spoons and the metallic cup add just the right amount of color in this space, and ties in with the metallic birds in the artwork. Finally, the clear lamp is traditionally a bedroom lamp, but the height and scale works perfectly.

I needed something to fill up the dead space in the middle, so we added this Tivoli Bluetooth player, and I love the retro look and the sound is amazing!

In the drawer we store the accessories that are used to make the coffee.

Finally can I just point out this beautiful artwork. The birds actually change colors depending on time of day, its just so beautiful and subtle! We also ended up adding a picture light, (mainly because I’ve always wanted a picture light).

Simple right! Thank you for taking the time to read my post, till the next one!


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