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There’s something about living in Canada, and then the slightest warm weather (by warm I totally mean we aren’t layering up in 2937438 items of clothing) that brings all of us outdoors. We were away last summer and I didn’t really get a chance to set up or use our deck. So this summer I didn’t want to waste any of the precious and few days of warm weather and so here it is!

I had something similar set up in the past but the rug, umbrella and pillows had seen better days. Initially I wanted to change the color scheme from teal but when I went to the big box stores I noticed that it was just so easy to coordinate with. However, to change things up this year I added a pop of yellow.

These pillows I bought at Pier one, and got lucky as it was buy one get one free! Love love love this yellow butterfly one.

The umbrella was a lucky find at Rona. The dome like shape of the umbrella makes the space feel cozy and adds added shade.

On the wall we added some metal artwork, it helps to make it feel like a real living space. Also for me (the notorious plant killer), metal flowers is the way to go!

Finally, I added ferns and some plants throughout the deck. The ferns add much needed privacy, especially since we have a raised deck, and can I say it kinda reminds me of being in a tropical place. (Very loosely kinda).

Eventually we need to add an awning by the BBQ area, and of course the rest of our backyard right now is just one big open space. It’s hard to find someone to help with the landscaping since it’s peak season, but hopefully next year get some professional help.

Hope you took some inspiration, and I’m totally feeling better about not having any summer plans now that I have this outdoor space.

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