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Dining Room Makeover

The house we currently live in is our 4th family home, however the first with a proper dining room. So naturally I’d been itching to design this space!!!

Initially, we ended up getting a new kitchen table and putting our previous glass table in this space.  I always knew I’d be redesigning once time and budget permitted. (A note on glass tables, for us, totally not worth the headache in terms of keeping it clean with kids, a good solid wood table will withstand anything).



We found this store, Accents for Living in Guelph, ON, not too far from us, (we don’t live near the GTA so shopping is limited). Such a lucky find! They were very helpful in finding the pieces I was looking for, however going in I already had a very good idea of what I wanted.

The first thing I finalized on was the table (also the hardest and obviously the most important decision).  We have a narrow yet long space, and I wasn’t sure we’d be able to find a table that would work.  Must haves included, dark color, oval shape and seat minimum of 8.

A custom built table was the only way to go for us.  We picked the size, color, finish, base etc. The table was made through, Bermex, a Canadian company, with locally sourced maple wood.  It took about 8 weeks to be delivered, but that was mainly because we had ordered close to the Christmas holidays.  Also it really wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be, partly because it was made in Canada.  I was really nervous about the base we picked, however when it came in, it was even better then I had hoped for!


Table dimensions:

The above picture is what we used to pick the shape of the table.  Comes with two removable leaves, so can also be made into a circular table.  You never know if things change its a lot more versatile and better to have options.



The chairs we picked are rather unique with a curved back, that cushion your shoulders when you sit on them.  (My guests will never leave)!  I was also looking for chairs with nail-head detailing, as we have the same details in our living room couches ,and being an open concept space, I wanted them to coordinate.  These chairs will also act as accent chairs, if we need extra seating in our living room.



This was so hard as I wanted a gray blue to tie into the blue in the living room, without actually having a blue wall. (Makes perfect sense right)??

But the grays would either read, too blue, violet or cement like! We ended up picking Benjamin Moore Eclipse for the opposite walls as I felt the dark balanced nicely with the fireplace and artwork. Pilgrim Haze went on the wall between the windows.  Both colors depending on lighting look either gray or blue.



Wall Accents:

The artwork was also purchased through Accents for Living, they had it in their store and both Asif (my husband) and I loved it.   The abstract leaf (flower?) and the colors just went so well in this space.  The metal leaf wall art was a piece I already had.  (Love re-purposing).



The wall sconces I bought from Elte in Toronto.  I’m not 100% satisfied with them, I want something a little smaller.  Once I find a replacement, these will go into my husband’s office (whether he likes it or not).  But I gotta say I do love the curved shape of them!

The chandelier I had from our previous home and it still works here.  Phew money saved!



As for accents for this table, I really only added this Crate and Barrel bowl, and also kept other furniture to a minimum. (Because honestly the table is so big nothing else will fit).  Which is ok with me.  Less is more as I always say, (not really my husband lives by this and I’m really trying to as well)!

Across from the dining room I have an accent table, which if needed I can use to serve drinks etc.

Finally the carpet, such a lucky find from Homesense. The size, color, design and price was just perfect!

If you’re looking to update your space, I really recommend having a solid color scheme and plan in mind and then taking help from experts if you have to.  Now I just have to convince my husband to let us eat in the dining room!


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