Nursery Room Organization – The Closet

Who doesn’t love walking into model homes and seeing perfectly curated closet items, in perfect spots and ZERO clutter. But is that real life, and is it even possible with kids to have mess free closets??

Well sadly, it’s not a reality for most of us, or even possible, or even something we’d want.  However, if there’s something we can learn, it’s to edit edit edit and allow our closets room to breathe.  That’s really what makes those closets stand out.  By having space between clothes/items in the closet and not everything crammed in, it just adds to the overall appealing and calming affect of an organized closet.

I definitely didn’t think this was possible in the nursery, which was a spare room.  Now after two unexpected pregnancies, our two youngest are sharing.  They are both also in the smallest room, with the smallest closet so having good organization wasn’t just key but a must.

For me, to have proper organization, I need to have functional closet organizers.

We used to have this wire closet organizer, first of all doesn’t look that great, but wasn’t functional with little room to grow.

All good intentions but this is how it would look in a few months.

So off to Home Depot I went (dragged my husband, baby and toddler) and we purchased the Perfect Home Essentials wide tower organizer.  (In hindsight I wish I purchased the PAX system from IKEA, but this works for us for now).


Let’s get into some of the details.

So it’s pretty simple how I organized this closet. We first had to make room for baby #4 so we added another set of rods, and the height worked as baby clothes are so small.

I also made sure there was room under the clothes for shoes, disclaimer these are only a few of her shoes, as I store excess in a basket in the main floor closet.

The other hanging rods I hang my 3 year old’s clothes.  Her fancier dresses on top and daily wear below that.  (So my teens can dress her as well)!

Something I always have in closets are baskets and storage boxes.  Just easier to store seasonal items, accessories or even clothes that the girls have yet to grow into, without making the closet look cluttered.  I even have a spot for clothes they’ve outgrown that need to be donated.

In these super cute baskets (anyone else notice there’s just unicorn everything lately) I keep the girls ethnic clothes, and the other basket clothes that need to be donated.  Currently as I just donated a huge amount, I’m storing their seasonal clothes.

In these gold wire baskets (just love them, a very lucky Homesense find) I store blankets, and extra diapers.  

Finally this large basket I store my daughter’s numerous little bags.  Having them here makes it easy for her to play with them.  I have enough room on the closet floor still,  that I can add more baskets, or storage items. The key is to make sure there is room to grow in your closet to help keep clutter at bay.

Thanks for reading (if you made it this far)!  You can use these tips and ideas for any closet not just in a nursery.  Coming up soon, nursery dresser organization.

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