Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Been a busy week for me so today’s post is short and sweet!

This week let’s talk cleaning! I’m not actually going to be sharing anything specific to cleaning in this post, but rather my weekly cleaning schedule.

I’ve had a cleaning lady on and off over the years, and also during my last two pregnancies and post partum, but I’d rarely be a 100% satisfied. So again a few months after the birth of child #4, I started my usual complaints after the cleaners would leave, and figured it was time to go back to cleaning my own home.

I do embrace having a sense of control over my house (instead of seeing dirty floors yet not cleaning as the ‘professionals’ were coming in a few days), and also of having something to focus on for that day (besides taking care of my kiddies, cooking etc). I know probably thinking, why??? But coming up with a weekly schedule, and knowing exactly how and when my house is cleaned, I’ve realized is very important to me.

There are countless weekly cleaning schedules online, but none seem to fit my needs, so a few months ago I decided to come up with my own.

Here’s my thought process – I like my bedroom cleaned (bathroom, dusted, basically a thorough clean) on Mondays. I just love the feeling of walking into my room at the start of the week knowing it’s my little sanctuary, no kids toys, smells fresh and everything is in it’s place!

The rest of the week I clean by ‘area, now some of these tasks my older kids take care of, such as their own rooms. But I find if I focus on the few tasks, rather then thinking, ‘ok today I’m cleaning all the bathrooms (we have four in this house), I’d feel very overwhelmed. This way its small tasks a day and they seem a lot more manageable to complete and I have time to do other things. Also by Thursday my house is pretty clean so if we have unexpected guests, or are busy on the weekends, I don’t have to worry about cleaning at all.

On a side note I don’t get to all of these tasks weekly (as in changing sheets usually ends up being 10 days or so) but still I like having a plan of what to do. I’m such a sucker for lists.

Another side note, my husband also helps me with the vacuuming or mopping etc as he has time. With a full house it’s usually all hands on deck! We also recently purchased the Roomba for the main floor and I’ll be providing my thoughts on it soon!

That’s it, a short and sweet post this week but if you’d like a pdf of my cleaning schedule please let me know and I can send it over to you! Till next week!


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