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Basement Reno – Week 1

Yay! A full week of reno was completed yesterday and I have to say I’m super happy with the progress.

Thankfully, so far we have a good relationship with our contractor and he’s been great at communicating to us what’s going on and keeping us in the loop.  It makes it easier for us in turn to also tell him exactly what we want, or if we need anything to be changed.

So what was done this week?  Lots!!  Surprisingly all the framing was completed along with 75% of the electrical work.  It would have been done sooner, but we were making some changes to the design along the way, and taking down some framing that was done.  (Mainly because it’s hard for me to visualize and I couldn’t tell if I would like it until the framing was done).  We also had them open up this entryway, and take out the door that was there.  (My nephew had crashed with his butt into the door which caused a big crack, so instead of replacing we decided to open it up)!

This week we also decided on custom cabinetry for the kitchenette and the bathroom, which wasn’t really in the budget, but we couldn’t find anything that worked for our space.

Kitchenette going in this space.

I had my husband draw up rough design for the kitchenette which we sent over to the cabinet maker.  They came back with exactly what we wanted. (Coming up in further detail in next week’s post).

Media room

The media/home theater room shares a wall with my husband’s office, so extra installation will go on this wall. The electrical in this space took hours!  Speaker wiring, sconces and cables for the tv all in this space.


So excited to have this gym area. To save on costs our contractor decided to not use floor to wall glass, but instead he made these huge windows for us.  I think they look soo good!  It will still keep the light in, but also defines the space.

That’s it for this week.  Next week we have the drywall going up now that the electrical is complete.  I’ve also been busy getting our color scheme down for the basement.  Yay now to select the perfect gray it’s so fun (not at all they all read green, violet or blue)!!  Wish me luck!

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