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Basement Reno – Weeks 2-4

I’m back! Delayed post on our ongoing basement reno, but we’ve had a busy few weeks with a surprise birthday trip and back to school craziness.  In all that we were making lots of decisions on our basement design, finishes and furniture/lighting.

So here’s what’s been completed so far .

Yayy! All of the walls have been taped and mudded, and the sanding is almost done. We had some delays as I wasn’t still happy with an ill placed closet, that was making the entrance to the main area look rather narrow.  I was already bothered at the fact we no longer had an open concept space.

See that closet wall, that was coming straight out and hiding that post, but it just made the area feel so cramped.

My husband, contractor and I went back and forth, but in the end I got my way, and had them take down the closet and put in an angle wall.  Yes we have a post that’s more visible now, but regardless the space feels more open.

That’s where the media room is, and where my husband’s projector screen will go. Thinking of painting that area in a dark color.  We also will be mounting a tv so that the younger kids can watch tv here as well.

Gym!! The window glass has arrived as well, can’t wait to see the trim and windows up.

Bathroom is coming along, the shower base is in. It will be a rather narrow bathroom so trying to come up with a good color palette.

Excited to see how far we’ve come in a few weeks and looking forward to the end result. Finalizing on paint, tiles and flooring this week, I’ll post what we are thinking on Instagram.

Anyways hope you enjoyed my update, I’ll have something up for the coming weeks sooner.

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