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Basement Reno – Weeks 5-7

Welcome back!  It’s been a very busy few weeks in our household, and I don’t just mean the work being done in the basement.  With back to school, my husband’s works trips, and celebrating a milestone birthday, it’s been a little hectic.  For my birthday my husband surprised me with a trip to Bermuda.  It was a much needed break however budget wise probably not the best timing during a reno!  Check out a few of the pics from the trip!


Ok so now back to the basement reno.  In a nutshell, the primer, ceiling paint and flooring was completed by the end of week 7.  The work was rather slow, tedious and sometimes frustrating as the contractors were working hard, but visually we were seeing little progress.  However, after the 6th week we could really see it starting to come together.

Above is the shot of the primer and ceiling paint completed.  Our contractor used a spray paint machine, which gave the walls a very clean look.  I didn’t fuss too much about the ceiling color, just said white.  (Totally not like me as my husband says I’m kinda OCD about paint colors.)

Before we went on our trip we finalized on the flooring.  We decided to go with hardwood flooring, which I know isn’t usually what people put in basements.  But honestly, I didn’t like the look of laminate or vinyl – it looked like laminate or vinyl!  These are some of the options we narrowed down.

So we ended up picking something very similar to what we have on our main floor, except it’s a dull matte finish, which seems a little rustic and tough looking for the basement.  Now that’s it’s been installed we kinda love it!

So because it was a basement, it was recommended to install a cork flooring first, which adds some warmth (instead of installing directly onto concrete).  The cork also helps with any moisture issues that typical basements have.  Our basement has large windows as it has 9 ft ceilings so hopefully excess humidity shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  Regardless we decided to pay the extra cost of glue and cork (so that there wasn’t any regret in the future).


Not the greatest pics, because well it needs to be cleaned, but like I said we are REALLY happy with the flooring.


The paint and trim is also going up, and I have to admit I’m not totally happy with the paint color we chose.  It’s Benjamin Moore gray owl.  It’s coming across rather green in the basement.  Ugh, I would love to change it but at this point I can’t take another hit to the budget.

Finally our bathroom tiles were delivered and the wrong ones came in!  The ones that came were also really beautiful, so I took a quick Instagram poll.  The results are below, but you’ll have to wait till the next update to see what I chose!  The ones that I had ordered are number 2, and was delivered number 1.

Can’t wait to have my next post up, because it should be our finished basement!  We had the kitchenette and bathroom vanities delivered and installed yesterday and WOW they look so good in the space.  If you follow my insta stories you would have seen a preview!

Please wish us luck (and our wallets) as we head into the home stretch!



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