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Finished Home Gym

How’s everyone’s new year resolutions coming along? I know it’s almost May and most of us have probably lost some steam.  Mine was obviously to get fit, shocker, and I have to say having a pretty nice place to workout has helped me and my husband stay on track.  I’ve got a dedicated post coming up on how to build your home gym, for now I thought I’d get some finished pictures up of the space.

Let’s start with what it looked like before the reno.  So before our reno we decided to actually tape the floor so we would know exactly how much space we would need to accommodate our workout equipment.  We continued to workout in this space for a quite a few months before our actual reno took place.



We had large glass installed to keep the area feeling open, and to preserve the outdoor light from the basement windows. The glass adds great visibility when keeping an eye on the little kids as they play in the media room and I’m in the gym.  Although I prefer to workout without them there (cuz my blood pressure goes up when they bug me).

We only purchased a few things to complete the gym, as we were lucky enough to have most of our gym equipment before the reno started. After we furnished it I thought it needed a little somethin somethin, so a quick trip to Benjamin Moore and we added a few stripes. By we I mean my husband, I supervised.

I was so so happy with the after! It really makes the gym more inviting and lively and makes us want to stay there just a tad bit longer. Also totally giving that 80s retro vibe, I’m digging it.

My husband had the space wired for surround sound during the reno. We added floating shelves to house the AV equipment and other gym accessories. Also I’m not going to lie I kinda love seeing the rolled up towels.

That’s it for now, I’ve got a detailed post coming up on how you can build your perfect home gym, and some lessons learned. Till next time!

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