Hi! My name is Basalat, it’s pronounced (Ba-saw-lit), and welcome to my blog!  I’m starting this blog to share my ideas on home decor, organizing, cleaning and maybe my weight loss journey!  I’m hoping some of my ideas will help and inspire you!

I’ve also become an unexpected stay at home mom for the past few years, and at this point I’m not sure when I will go back to work.  So blogging is a way for me to stay busy (I should say busier, with 2 teens, a toddler and a baby).

I used to enjoy reading once, but now I find I’m mostly looking up organizing videos, makeup tutorials (slightly obsessed) and I may on occasion watch other people clean on YouTube (it’s an actual thing, really).

Anyways, grab a tea, stay a while, and welcome to home with B.


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