Linen Closet Organization

I kinda sorta really love a linen closet.

Might sound like an odd thing to say, but I’ve always had a thing for neatly folded towels!

Having said that, my linen closet went through a time (shortly after the birth of #3) of disorganized limbo, and I can’t believe I’ll be showing you guys! But here it is.

Something I’ve learned (after years of failing at keeping it looking this way) is, PLAN TO GROW!! I used to organize a space based on exactly what was in it at that given moment, and then no matter how great it might look for a few months, eventually we’d outgrow it. There’s such a snowball affect once we didn’t put things back. It just goes downhill!

So the first thing I do when I’m tackling ANY organization job, is completely take everything out.

This is what the hallway looked like when I took everything out of the closet. Once the closet was empty, I vacuumed and and wiped all the shelves. My toddler ‘helped’ me during this process.

I then made piles of items to donate, recycle, keep and store elsewhere. I also gave some thought as to what I wanted most accessible from this closet. We have storage cabinets in our laundry room, also on this floor, so I didn’t need to stuff the closet to the brim.

And drum roll please! Here’s the after!

I will go through some of the details now.

On the top shelf I store our extra pillows, quilts basically items that I wouldn’t use often, however still need them to be accessible.

Something new I incorporated in this closet was baskets to house our linens. I had soo many sheets in this closet, with unused or worn out sets that I decided to keep only two sets per family member. That meant, one set that was being used and one that was stored. Plus a couple guest sheets. By doing this I was able to group them in these baskets so that my older girls could also easily find their sheets if they needed them. Plus aesthetically it’s so much more pleasing to look at, and I don’t have to stress over making sure those pesky fitted sheets are folded neatly.

One other thing on sheets, I also bundle each set together, by folding the sheets and put them inside a single pillowcase. Makes it a lot easier when grabbing your set. Group group group!

The next shelf houses our main toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc), that is used by everyone in the family. With a couple teens in the house they keep their individual products in their own bathrooms, this is strictly overflow. I also store hand towels and bath towels on this shelf. The hand towels are stored in this basket, just makes it easy to grab the one you want (instead of stacking them).

The last shelf again houses towels, and just quickly on that, I pared it down to two towels (hand/bath) per family member plus some extras, guests and powder room. (Guest towels currently being used as my mom is staying with us for a few days).

On this shelf I also store travel items and our first aid kit, clearly labeled so that anyone in the family can find the items they need quickly. Plus, AGAIN, helps in putting it back! (Hopefully).

Finally, the floor of the closet holds our extra toilet paper and room to add a basket (which I do, with say beach towels), or other extra large items.

That’s it! By making sure everything has an easy and accessible spot, you’re sure to keep things organized!

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